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1. Object
These general conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the remote reservation of services offered by the establishment La Cantellerie on its Site and its Mobile Services or by mail.
They govern all the steps necessary for the reservation and the follow-up of the reservation between the contracting parties.
Any reservation therefore implies full and unreserved acceptance of these conditions on the part of the customer.
All clients acknowledge having the capacity to contract, that is to say being of legal majority and not being under curatorship or guardianship.

The names "Establishment" and "site" refer throughout this text to the site named and corresponding to the domain name that can be consulted at roomhotenormandie

In this period of health crisis, we would like to inform our customers of two specific elements of our General Conditions of Sale:
Flexibility: Please read Article 8 of these T&Cs carefully.
Liability: Please read Article 11 of these T&Cs carefully.

2. Scope
These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all reservations made by post or online, via the Website or Mobile Services and its partners.

3. Opposition of the general conditions
In any case, the version of the general conditions of sale opposable to the customer is that in force at the time of his reservation on the Website or the Mobile Services or with his partners.

4. Reservation
Reservations can be made on the website, by telephone, by e-mail or by post.
The reservation will only be effective if the latter is guaranteed by the customer, either by communicating a credit card number with expiry date or by payment of a deposit, and after receipt of a detailed reservation confirmation.
Payment for all services will be made directly to the establishment (exceptions made for reservations prepaid at the time of reservation).
The establishment reserves the right to refuse any reservation in the event that the credit card number is incorrect or the reservation is incomplete.
Reservations regardless of their origins will be payable in euros only.
The establishment accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express, and has a secure reservation system (SSL) which protects and encrypts all sensitive data transmitted to the reservation in order to prevent any disclosure to a third party.
When registering the reservation, a credit card debit authorization will be made.This will be done for informational purposes, and will in no way be a debit from the account except in the following cases:
– ""Non-cancellable – non-refundable"" promotional offer.
– If the validity date of the credit card is prior to the date of arrival.
_ If the arrival date is more than 30 days from the reservation date.
The customer is solely responsible for his choice of services and their suitability to his needs, so that the establishment cannot be held liable in this regard.
The contract is established for a maximum capacity of people. If the number of Customers exceeds the capacity, the owner can refuse the additional people

5. Payment
The customer must present himself at the establishment with the credit card which enabled him to guarantee the reservation or to make the prepayment.
The establishment may also ask him to present an identity document for the purposes of preventing credit card fraud.
Payment is debited at the establishment during the stay, except in the case of special conditions or rates where payment is debited at the time of booking (online prepayment for certain rates). This prepayment is called a deposit.
In the case of a rate not prepaid online, the establishment may ask the customer, upon arrival, for a security deposit or authorization to debit the credit card, in order to guarantee payment of the sums corresponding to the services consumed on the spot.
Two methods of payment of the deposit are possible:
- either by check payable to the establishment and sent directly to the establishment
- or by bank card.
In this case, the reservation becomes firm and final only upon receipt of the deposit by the establishment, within the time limits.
The payment of the balance of the stay will be made on site with the establishment.

6. Stay and Modification
Any modification of reservation must be the subject of a request by email to the establishment or by telephone. The request will only become effective when the establishment has confirmed its acceptance in writing.
In the event of modification of the stay, the following conditions apply (except in cases of force majeure):
– In case of no-show on the scheduled arrival date, your credit card will be charged for the total amount.
– Any stay started is entirely due, in particular in the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of accommodation remains fully acquired by the Establishment.

The Customer must present himself on the specified day and at the time mentioned in the contract. Any early arrival must be requested and will only be valid after acceptance by the Establishment. In case of late or delayed arrival, the Customer must notify the owner.

7. Cancellation of stay
Any cancellation of reservation must be the subject of a request by email to the establishment or by telephone. The request will only become effective when the establishment has confirmed its acceptance in writing.
In the event of cancellation of stay, the following conditions apply (except in cases of force majeure):
– For any request made within 15 and more than 8 days of the scheduled arrival date, 50% of the amount of the reservation is due.
– For any request made within 7 days of the scheduled arrival date, 100% of the amount of the reservation is due.
– In case of no-show on the scheduled arrival date, your credit card will be charged for the total amount.
– Any stay started is entirely due, in particular in the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of accommodation remains fully acquired by the Establishment.

8. Force majeure
Force majeure means any event external to the parties that is both unpredictable, insurmountable and external to the parties which prevents either the client or the establishment from fulfilling all or part of the obligations provided for in the contract.
Are considered as cases of force majeure or fortuitous event those usually recognized by the jurisprudence of the French Courts and Tribunals.
Each party cannot be held liable to the other party in the event of non-performance of its obligations resulting from an event of force majeure.
It is expressly agreed that force majeure suspends, for the parties, the performance of their reciprocal obligations and that each party bears the cost of the resulting costs.

****In the case of COVID-19, the establishment accepts last-minute stay modifications and cancellations free of charge if a new confinement or a traffic restriction should be decided by the government.****

9. Price
Prices are in euros.
VAT is always included.
The prices indicated only include the services strictly mentioned in the reservation.
Additional services provided by the establishment during the stay and, where applicable, tourist tax will be added to the price mentioned in the booking.
The applicable prices are those in force on the day of the reservation. Establishments, independent professionals, are free to vary their prices at any time. Only the price indicated in the booking confirmation is contractual.

10. Complaints, disputes
Any complaints must be made to the establishment within 7 days of the end date of the stay.
In the absence of recourse to the conventional mediation procedure or to any alternative method of dispute resolution within 30 days, each of the parties may seize the competent judicial jurisdiction.

11. Responsibilities
It is up to the Establishment to take out all the guarantees and insurance necessary for welcoming the public to its Establishment and for carrying out its activity.
The establishment's liability is limited in the event of theft of goods or objects when they have been entrusted to its custody only.

The customer must ensure the safekeeping of his goods and materials. The client must inform the establishment of any degradation of which he is the cause. He is responsible for all damage caused by his intermediary and undertakes, in the event of deterioration of the premises made available, (room, common areas such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, garden, living room, sanitary facilities) to bear the costs of repair.

Also any behavior contrary to morality, public order, or considered as endangering the life of others will lead the establishment to ask the customer to leave the establishment without any compensation and or without any reimbursement if a settlement has been already been done.In the event that no payment has yet been made, the customer must pay the price of the nights consumed before leaving the establishment.

****In the case of COVID-19, the establishment authorizes itself the right to refuse service if a client refuses to have their temperature taken prior to check-in. The customer being warned the payment of the stay will be due in its entirety. In the event that a client presents symptoms during their stay, the establishment will impose isolation in their room and a temperature measurement. If the customer refuses or if the customer voluntarily conceals symptoms, the establishment authorizes itself to refuse him the service and to put an end to his stay. The rest of the stay will be due. The Establishment la Cantellerie has established a health protocol, the customer is asked to read it and comply with it, in particular on the use of equipment, the wearing of a mask and distancing, cleaning of hands as well as the removal of shoes ****

The customer agrees not to invite any person whose behavior is likely to harm the establishment, the latter reserving the right to intervene if necessary. The customer undertakes to ensure that the participants and their guests respect all the instructions and regulations of the establishment (in particular the ban on smoking). The customer will ensure that the participants do not disturb the operation of the establishment or affect the security of the establishment as well as of the people who are there.

Unless expressly provided otherwise, the customer must leave the room before 10:30 a.m. on the day of the end of the reservation. Failing this, he will be charged an additional night.

For a stay at La Cantellerie with your pet, please contact us in advance, we reserve the right to refuse certain animals.
Any animal must not be unsupervised and must be secured to avoid any accident on the site.

La Cantellerie offers free WIFI access allowing customers to connect to the internet. The customer agrees that the computer resources made available to him by the establishment will not be used in any way for the purposes of reproduction, representation, provision or communication to the public of works or objects. protected by copyright or by a related right, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without the authorization of the holders of the rights provided for in Books I and II of the Code of intellectual property where such permission is required. If the customer does not comply with the aforementioned obligations, he could be accused of an offense of counterfeiting (article L.335-3 of the intellectual property code), punishable by a fine of 300,000 euros and three years' imprisonment. .The customer is also required to comply with the security policy of the institution's internet service provider, including the rules for using the security means implemented with the aim of preventing the illicit use of resources. computers and to refrain from any act that undermines the effectiveness of these means.

The photographs presented on the Site and the mobile Services of the establishment or those of the partners have a purely indicative value. Even if all the best efforts are made so that the photographs, graphic representations and the texts reproduced to illustrate the establishment presented give as accurate an overview as possible of the accommodation services offered, variations may occur, in particular due to the change of furniture or possible renovations.

The establishment cannot be held responsible for the non-execution or poor execution of the reservation in the event of force majeure, due to a third party, unforeseeable and insurmountable, due to the customer, in particular the unavailability of the Internet network, impossibility access to the website, external intrusion, computer viruses or in the event of prepayment not authorized by the bearer's bank.

Parents are fully responsible for their children, they must not be left unattended in the Establishment.

12. Dislodgement
In the event of an exceptional event or the impossibility of making the room reserved available to the client or in the event of force majeure, the establishment reserves the right to have the client lodged in whole or in part in an establishment of equivalent category, for services of the same nature and subject to the customer's prior agreement.
The possible additional cost of the room, transport between the two establishments and a telephone call remain the responsibility of the establishment.

The decree of October 30, 2015 relating to the mediation of consumer disputes, which transposes into French law Directive 2013/11/EU of May 21, 2013 relating to the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, and Ordinance No. 2015-1033 of August 20, 2015 relating to the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, specify the conditions of application of article L152-1 of the Consumer Code, which obliges professionals in all consumer sectors to offer a mediation procedure in disputes with their clients. By law, the outcome of mediation must be reached within 90 days. We invite you to formulate your requests exclusively by e-mail which will provide a dating of your correspondence and to keep a personal archive.

Internal mediation
For all disputes that have not found a solution, we invite you to contact the Internal Mediation service, which undertakes to provide you with a satisfactory answer within 30 days.
In case of dissatisfaction, you are informed of the recourse to an external mediator of your choice.

External mediation
You will find all the official information about mediation on the government website:
We invite you to consult the Medicys website:
If you are a member of the FEVAD or want to consult them or join:
The DGCCRF website:
You can also consult the remedies of the European Commission:
We bring to your attention the existence of the European authority, called upon to pronounce binding decisions on disputes concerning cross-border processing activities, thus guaranteeing a uniform application of EU rules and avoiding that different answers are brought to the same case in several jurisdictions:

14. Applicable law
These conditions of sale are subject to French and European law.